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PruClearWarfare ([personal profile] pruclearwar) wrote2015-02-16 08:41 pm

Maison Rouge

Evangeline walked by the ruins of her great-great-great-great-grandfather's home almost every day the year she turned ten. At the time, though, she had little idea what a great-grandfather was, nor that she'd ever had one and that hers in particular had been one of the most famous pirates in the history of pirates and had once owned the entire island on which she and her family now lived. All she knew then was that she was hot and miserable, hated walking, and missed her old town where the air was usually cool and her old school where no-one laughed at the way she made her vowels.

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For whatever reason I automatically read it as a great-great-etc-grandMOTHER's home.. who was a pirate.
It was an extra exciting thought!
Evangeline, learning that, would certainly learn to never again care if anyone laughed at the way she made her vowels....