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PruClearWarfare ([personal profile] pruclearwar) wrote2015-02-17 05:24 am

Sometimes It's Actual Pain

that keeps me up at night. usually it's just existential angst.

but I have scars (a lot of scars) across my shoulders, and sometimes, for no reason whatever, they hurt. like needles jabbed into the softest part of my flesh, they hurt so much that parts of my body spasm and seize and make anything that is not balling up in misery a task unthinkable.

I've been at my bed for three hours and each time I get close to slipping off to sleep, I'm stabbed with pain.


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Um, if you text me your address... (I dont remember your apt number,.. although Google could tell me your street number and zip... but... you know what I mean)

I have a thing to send you.
I could HAND it to you one of these days, but some things are just BETTER when you get them in the mail. It's one of those.


I will wish upon a star tonight for a kilt-wearing lumberjack who smells of saw dust and pine pitch, with rough, clean, strong hands and a weakness for magnificent brains runs into yours very VERY soon... because, if you're going to endure pain, it's a sin not to find yourself some pleasure to go with it!