pruclearwar: (pru.clear.warfare)
PruClearWarfare ([personal profile] pruclearwar) wrote2015-03-12 12:56 am

I've Been Taking

melatonin an hour before bed every night for the last two weeks and for the first time in my life, I'm responding to it. I'm starting to actually feel sleepy at night, and with the right amount of diphenhydramine, I'm actually falling asleep! still only sleeping about five hours a night, but man! sleep!

one side effect I didn't anticipate is the dreaming! every night is an adventure!

it's still hard, too, trying to be diurnal when one job still asks me to work two NOC shifts a week. all together, I'm working about sixty-six hours a week. haven't had a day off in over a month and I could really use one, let me tell you.

in other news, the program Code Monkey and I are writing is almost ready to release to beta. so that's exciting.

my life is a lot of busy nothing.